Barcode Based Inventory Control

Save time and minimise errors by using our barcode scanning feature

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Why Barcodes in Inventory Management System?

yaali automated order and inventory management

Data Accuracy

When there is need to reorder more of a certain product, you can easily scan that product’s barcode and enter the quantity you want to reorder. Doing this easily avoids all sorts of potential pitfalls that could otherwise cause serious problems down the line.
yaali inventory management

Pick and scan

By tracking inventory levels using our barcode scanners, you can keep up with changes in demand and have enough products on hand to avoid both stockouts and overstocks.
yaali automated order and inventory management

Boost your inventory management efficiency

Barcode scanning can help you locate products stored in the warehouse, print packing slips, and monitor the progress of each shipmemnts.
yaali inventory management

Enhanced inventory visibility

Barcode tracking speeds up your company’s activities and minimises errors finding their way into your data by streamlining tasks and making it much easier to perform them.

Adding Location Entries

Our Inventory Management Software automates the stock updates across all integrated sales channels in real time and this happens as soon as a product is sold from any of your channels
automate inventory management across mutliple channel
Avoid overselling and automate Inventory replenishment with Yaali Inventory Management Software

Pick Lists Management

Receive all alerts regarding stocks to avoid overselling and automate inventory replenishment using our inventory management software to overcome the difficult situations and to fulfill the customer needs