Bin Locations

A Place for Everything and a Label for Every Place

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Why Bin Locations?

yaali automated order and inventory management

Easily find out desired Product

Tracking locations has become easier, as each place has its own identity and this makes it simpler to track a particular product from the inventory.
yaali inventory management

Simplify Product recalls

You can sort data, print count sheets, and do other activities systematically. Reports “read easier” when there is no repetition of the same long word again and again.

Adding Locations Entries

Our Centralized Inventory Management Software automates the stock update across all the integrated channels in real time and this happens as soon as a product is sold from one channel.
automate inventory management across mutliple channel
Avoid overselling and automate Inventory replenishment with Yaali Inventory Management Software

Usage in Pick Lists

Receive low stock alerts and thus avoid overselling and automate inventory replenishment using our inventory management software to sustain all difficult situations and to fulfill the customer needs