Managing Multiple Warehouses

Multiple warehouses are usually owned by organizations that have markets spread across various locations. Multiple warehouses help the customers to manage their time and utility better, when compared to single location warehouses. Having multiple warehouses facilitate faster and easier delivery to customers, helps in reducing transportation costs and provides much […]

Easter – More than just Eggs and Bunny

Easter, a festival celebrated throughout the globe is nearing and that feeling has slowly come into everyone’s mind . Usually a picture of a bunny with several colorful eggs come into our mind when we hear about Easter season and that can even be seen everywhere during this season. But why […]

Barcode Scanning- What to Expect

What exactly is a Barcode? Barcode is a machine-readable code with series of black parallel bars in white spaces and numbers in it and are printed on objects. Each number shown in a barcode has its own meaning and while scanning the same the details  are shown using these unique numbers.  […]


Click on the”+Locations” icon to create new locations and this can be done any number of times as per your need. Once one location has been added, follow the same steps to add more locations. After clicking on “+Locations” the following screen will appear:   Just fill all the details […]

User and Roles

User Creation For creating a new user you have to click on Setting on sidebar and select Users Control, then the screen will look like this: To add a new user click on the +User button and the following appears Now fill all the required details the role to be […]

Bulk Import

Bulk import is used for importing items which you already have as list with you. By using our sample template you can add your products to it and upload it for future use. This feature can be accessed by clicking inventory tab on the left and a screen as shown […]

Warehouse contact

Warehouse contacts can be added to maintain records of each warehouses and that will make it easy for you to contact the respected person in charge of a particular warehouse. For doing this just on the “+” icon or “Create New Warehouse Contact”  as shown in the below picture: Once […]

Bin Locations

To easily find the products in the warehouse we are providing you the bin location option which will be associated with the variants and warehouse to track the products location easily. You can add the bin location while adding the warehouse or you can later add/delete the bin location by […]

Everything about Serial Numbers

Serial number allows us to identify the sale of high valuable products, warranty claims and returns. Serial number tracking helps us to track the in and out of the product more specifically. Prerequisites: Serial number must be unique for every product, same serial number can’t be repeated for the product […]

Woocommerce Integration

WOOCOMMERCE CHANNEL INTEGRATION This our channel creation page. In that all the channel will be shown. Prerequisites : To integrate Woocommerce you need A Woocommerce Store Woocommerce Credentials such as store URL, Consumer key and Consumer secret. Generate API key To obtain your key visit your Woocommerce website – then […]