Ecommerce Toolkit for online sellers

Any new business strategy for the benefits that they offer, often brings a new set of challenges. So does selling online.

Here are some of the common one’s that you have to deal while selling online

  • Standout among the heavy competition of sellers.
  • Build and manage a online store.
  • Manage inventory across channels.
  • Multiple vendor integration to streamline the online sales order processing and the list goes on.

It would indeed be an arduous task to accomplish these manually, so identifying and using the right set of tools will help to run your business easier and move forward towards the business goal.

Here is our list of Ecommerce toolkit that every online seller must possess for their business needs. Even though we do not recommend any particular brand, we list out the factors that a seller should consider before buying a tool and thus help you to make a decision based on your business needs and budget.

Online store building platform

When set out for selling online, building your own online store is bound to happen along with selling on other marketplaces. Building a online store from scratch without relying on the store building platform is not only time consuming but also requires high capital. Apart from that, further customization or modification for future needs is not going to be easy. So, the ideal choice to build a online store is through a site builder platform.

Having said that online store should be built using a site builder platform, it is important to choose the platform that suits you considering various business needs. The platform chosen must be affordable not only for initial store launch but on long term basis. It should be easy to use and customize, so that the site can be launched quicky and modifications are also fast.

The online store building platform should provide the security standards needed for the online store and should meet the PCI compliance and should provide easy third party integrations to various accounting, shipping softwares.

Multi channel inventory management software

Inventory Management System is an important problem to handle, to avoid running out of stock or overselling stocks. The problem multiplies when you are selling on multiple market places, to update the inventory in every channel.

Multi channel inventory management software can help you to automate the inventory process of maintaining stocks by allowing retailer to set reorder levels for each product. These software reduce the time consumed for administrative tasks like maintaining inventory across channels, identifying the best selling products , generating sales report by channels or products, automate purchase order , time taken to process orders and much more.

Email Campaign and Marketing automation tool 

These tools are essential to build a personalized communication process with the customers of your product. These tools help to automate the marketing strategy to target specific customers with right product and at the right time.

Store Analytics

Store Analytic tools act as eagle eye for any Ecommerce store without which the information about the store visitors may go unnoticed. These tools helps to understand the psychology of the visitors and thus enable you to optimize the store to the needs of the visitor.







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