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In this page, you can either create a new product or import bulk
product in CSV file.

  • Create New Product
  • Choose the type of the product
  • Pricing Tiers
  • Warehouses
  • Package Details
  • Fulfillment Details
  • Images
  • Barcode Scanning

product page in inventory management

Create New Product

Yaali Inventory Product Creation

Product Name-Enter your product name to find them easily and filter them
among variants.

Create product name in inventory

Category Name-Choose a category among the list to let customers know where
your products fit in and also to filter the products too.

Add category where your product fits

Sub-Category Name- After choosing a category name, choose a sub category
where it lists the exact place your product fit in.

add subcategory for product

SKU- Stock keeping unit- It allows you to add a unique ID based on the barcode
or specific name to filter the product among other products.

add sku for product

Product Description-Write few lines about the product to let the customers
know, what exactly your product is.

Add description for product

Select the type of product –

Simple Product

Yaali Inventory Product Creation Details filled

In Select the type of product, 
if you select Simple product, you will be able to create single product without any multiple variants.

Variants Name- Give a unique name for the variant.
Variant SKU-Give a unique SKU id for the variant to have an ease of access
by filtering the certain variant.
Selling Price-Mention the selling price for your product.
Buying Price-Mention the buying price.

Product with multiple variants

Yaali Inventory Product With Multiple Variants

In Product with Multiple Variants you will be able to add multiple variants for a single product , just by generating a theme.

For Example :  See the below image. In theme name, you can add how you want your product variants to be shown. Like, In color there are 4 types of variant with blue, black, green, red. Which is followed by the size like large, small, medium, extra large. 

Yaali Inventory Product Creation Theme Generation

Once you click generate variants, you will be directed to

Yaali Inventory Product Creation Variants Generation

As show above you can see, under each size and colour there will be 4 different type of variants. If you don’t need any variant, use the delete icon on your right. You can add the selling price and buying for atleast one and click apply to all variants, to reduce the work in adding prices in every variant.

Pricing tiers

Retail- Mention the retail price of the product.
Wholesale- Mention the wholesale price of the product.
Distributor-Mention the distributor price of the product.

Yaali Inventory Pricing Tiers


Yaali Inventory warehouseGlobal Inventory Details – Mentions the number of stock you currently have in your warehouses.

Go to Setting → Warehouse (to create warehouses)

Current Stock – Mentions the number of available stocks
Low stock Threshold- Mentions the low stock value to get notified in
case the stock value reaches the low stock threshold to update the stocks again.
Reorder Count – Mentions the Automated purchase of stocks once the
stock value reaches to the reorder count value.

Package Details

For packing the order, mention the size of the order in height, breadth,
length, and weight for automated invoice generation during the times
of pick, pack, and ship.

Yaali Inventory Package Details

Fulfillment Details

Yaali Inventory Fulfilment Details
 Suppliers – Mentions the product suppliers you have added in your
contact for product fulfillment.

     Go to Contacts → Supplier (to create suppliers in contact)

 Dropshippers – Mentions the Dropshippers you have added in your
contact for product fulfillment.

     Go to Contacts → Dropshipper (to create new drop-shippers in contact)

  Fulfilled by Amazon FBA

  In case if you want your products to be fulfilled by Amazon FBA

Tick → This product can be fulfilled by Amazon


Yaali Product Creation Images

Click Add Image to add images for each and every variant, in case if you

want all variants to have the same image

then tick → all variants have same packshot's

By clicking Set as Primary Packshot, you will able to choose which image can appear as the

icon for the current product in the product page.

Barcode Scanning 

Yaali Inventory Barcode Scanning

In Barcodes you will be able to add barcodes to the products you created. Also you will be able add products using barcode scanning.

Yaali barcode types

Choose the barcode scanning code type and select it. Once you select it, you will see this page shown below

Yaali Inventory Barcode type

In scan your inventory tab, click it and you will be scan the barcodes.

For Example : This how your product will appear after creating one.

Yaali Inventory Product Created

If you want to edit your product or want to reconcile variants count, just click over the created product and you will see a edit button below.

Yaali Inventory Edit Product
by clicking an Edit button, you will be directed to the editing page. Where you can edit the variants name and prices.
If you click Add Variants you will be able to create additional variants in the product you’re editing now.
If you click Quick Reconcile Variants Count you will be able to recount the stocks , either add or reduce the stocks in the warehouses

Yaali Inventory Product Edition

Yaali Inventory Quick Reconcile Variants Count

In Current Stock, there is an amount of 15. Once a variant is added in count changes, it updates in the new stock.

For example : Reduced 5 stocks in the first variant and added five stocks in the second variant. Where the changes are seen in new stock count which changed from 15 – 5 to 10 and 15 + 5 to 20 .

Once you have finished editing, click Conform Changes and Quick Reconcile. To make the changes take effect.

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