Create New Variants


If you have already created variants in the product page, then the page will appear like this

Yaali Inventory Variants

If not, then the page will be like as shown below
Inventory create new variant






Choose “Create new variants” to create variants or choose “Import Variants in Bulk”to import
the created variants in bulk through CSV file.

  • Create New Variants
  • Product Details
  • Variant Details
  • Pricing Tiers
  • Warehouse
  • Package Details
  • Fulfillment Details

Create New Variants

You can click Create New Variants or use the ” + ” at the right top corner to add variants.
By clicking, you will be create variants for the products you want to add in inventory,the below image defines the form to fill for variant creation.

Inventory create new variants Inventory create new variants

Product Details

inventory create new product details




In Product details, click search product and fill out the product name or product SKU
and search, to filter the product to add variants to the specific product.

inventory variant product details search

Variant Details

inventory variant create new variant details




Fill out the Variant Name, Variant SKU, Selling Price, Current Stock, Lowstock threshold,
Reorder Count, Buying Price.

Variants Name-Give a unique name for the variant
Variant SKU- Give a unique SKU id for a variant to have an ease of access by filtering
the certain variant.
Selling Price- Mention the selling price for your product.
Buying Price- Mention the buying price
Current Stocks-Mention the currently available stock of the product.
Reorder Count-Used to purchase product automatically after reaching the certain limit,
so set the limit for reorder count.
Low stock threshold- Mention the low stock threshold value to get notified in case the
stock reaches the low stock threshold value.

Pricing Tiers 

inventory variant pricing tiers

Retail- Mention the retail price of the product.
Wholesale- Mention the wholesale price of the product.
Distributor- Mention the distributor price of the product.


inventory variants warehouse

Default Warehouse- Mentions the number of warehouse you have added.
           Go to Setting → Warehouse (to create warehouses)
Current Stock- Mentions the number of available stocks
Low stock Threshold- Mentions the low stock value to get notified in case the
stock value reaches the low stock threshold to update the stocks again.
Reorder Count- Mentions the Automated purchase of stocks once the stock value
reaches to the reorder count value.

Package Details

inventory variant package details



For packing the order, mention the size of the order in height, breadth, length, and weight for
automated invoice generation during the times of pick, pack, and ship.

Fulfillment Details

inventory variants fulfilment details

Suppliers- Mentions the product suppliers you have added in your contact for
product fulfillment.
Go to Contacts → Supplier (to create suppliers in contact)
Dropshippers- Mentions the Dropshippers you have added in your contact for
product fulfillment.
Go to Contacts → Dropshipper (to create new drop-shippers in contact)
Fulfilled by Amazon FBA- In case if your products are fulfilled by FBA
Tick"This product can be fulfilled by Amazon"

Variant Images

add variant images








Click Add Image to add images for each and every variant

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