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create new orders page

Click Orders, it directs you to all orders, where you can create orders manually
in case of selling offline and in case of emergency server down in Online selling

Click Create New Order to create new orders and to Import Bulk Orders, click Import
Orders in Bulk to upload orders in bulk mode through uploading CSV file.

Create New Order

Yaali Order Create New Order

Order Id – Order Id represents a unique ID given to each and every product for ease of
understanding while packing and shipping the multiple products of the same
type to different places.
It can be entered manually in case of selling offline or on your private selling
channels and it can be edited based on your ease of access, even after
importing orders from Online selling portals.
Order Date – Order Date represents the date of order placed by customers in online selling
portal. It can be entered manually while selling offline or selling on your private
Shipping Date- Shipping Date represents the shipping date of the product to be shipped from
the store, with entire packing, labeling, and bills to reach the customer before
the due date.
Order Due Date – Order Due Date represents the due date of the product to be shipped.If the
product isn’t shipped before the due date, the online product order may get
canceled. The Due Date can be entered manually for the offline selling or
selling on your private channel of the product.
Customer – Customer represents the customer name of the customer who ordered the
product, it appears with billing address and shipping address to ship the product.
By clicking the drop-down menu, you can add new customer manually for offline
selling or sell on your private channel or in the case of server down in your
online selling portal.

All orders customer details

Fill the details asked to create a customer, to make the products reach the customer
without any delay and reach the customer at the correct address. After filling the details,
then click Create Customer to create customer name with billing address and shipping
address with additional information.

After filling the Customer Creation Form , It will be shown under the Customer Field

Add Product –

Once you click Add Product, an additional variant search box appears . Where you can search for the variant or product to place the order

Yaali Order New Order adding variant

Once you select the variant or product, click Add Variant to add the selected variant or product for Order Placing

Yaali Order is ready to get placed

Then you can see a All orders add icon icon in a corner, by clicking or just moving the mouse over it,
you will be able to see

All orders add productAdd product Icon– By clicking Add product icon, you can add product.

All orders add discountAdd discount Icon– By clicking Add discount icon, you can add a discount
to the products.

All orders additional chargesAdditional Charges Icon– By clicking Additional Charges Icon, you can add
additional charges to the products like tax etc.

All orders add shipmentsAdd Shipment Icon– By Clicking Add Shipment Icon, you can add shipment
carriers to the product.

For example– it appears like this

Yaali Order Creation New Order

If you want to add any discount details, extra charges and shipment details you can add here using these shortcut features . The Page will appear like this after adding additional charges you want to add for the order

Yaali Order New Order Placing1

After finished adding all your charges and details filled. Click Create Order to get your Order Created, Now your page will display like this

Yaali Order Created in All Orders



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