Open Orders

Open Orders

The Open Order is a filter used to see only open orders in a separate tab to
stop from getting confused and gaining ease of access towards working
on Open Orders.


Yaali Order Open Order


You can see a Orange color distinguishing the Open order from others.
Click the Open order and you can see a page like this

For Example : It looks like this, In Order Items ,you can see the orders added
and billing address ,shipping address. In timeline you can see the process you
have been doing in Order tab.

Yaali Open Orders


You can combine the variants and generate a combine invoice or generate invoice separately for each product. All you have to do is just Drag and Drop

You can combine two products and generate an invoice or combine three and generate invoice. Even if you need invoice for one variant and remaining as combine, then you can Split Products by going to setting as shown in the video

Generate Invoice


You can see a gear like symbol (commonly used for settings) in
Order items tab and by clicking it, you will receive two options as
shown, by clicking generate invoice for order received, a new tab opens

Once you click Generate invoice of certain product, you will be directed to this page. In this page, choose the Payment Term, Invoicing Date and enter the Quantity you want to generate the invoice for. You can even generate separate invoice for each quantity and Click Generate Invoice

Yaali Order Generate Invoice


Invoice Id- There are two type of Invoice Id generations, One is automated Invoice Id generation and other is the Manual entry of invoice id.
Invoicing Date-Invoicing date defines the product is ready for the payment and product fulfillment.
Payment terms-Each and every seller has a unique way of receiving their payments, so choose your payments way like cash on delivery, online payment etc.
Due Date- Due date defines the product extended delivery date which the product should be delivered before it.
After clicking Generate invoice, you will be redirected to this page the invoice will be generated.

Yaali Order Generated Invoice

Once you have generated invoice for every order you placed, then the ” Invoiced meter reaches 100


Then go to payment option and fill the payment details to get paid for the order and click pay.
Click the Payment Tab and you can see a “+ Payment” icon to add the payment to the product. Once you click the + Payment , payment dialog box opens

Yaali Order Payment

Invoice – It refers the invoice id generated from the product, no need to worry ,
just click the drop down menu to select the generated invoice id.
Once the invoice id is selected the billed amount and remaining to pay will get auto-update.

Payment dates- fill the date of payment to be made.

Billed Amount- In billed amount, it will generate the invoice
billed amount, for reference.

Remaining to Pay- In remaining to pay, you can see the amount
to money balance to be paid.

Payment Type- Choose the payment type for ease of transaction.

Payment reference- Enter the payment reference number in the field, as soon as the payment is received from the certain person for the certain product. Payment reference number is given by the bank for payment transferred for each person.

Payment Amount- Fill the payment amount to be received.

Notes- you can add additional notes here for any easy reference.

After filling all the fields, click Add Payment

The Page will look like this after the payment is added

Yaali Order Payment 1

Packing Slips

Now in packing tab, generate packing slips by clicking ” + Packing Slips “, a tab opens
with certain fields as shown below

Yaali Order Packing Slips

Packing Id- In packing id, you can manually enter a packing id based on
the bulk order and single orders.

Height- Mention the height of the product, you’re about to pack. So it will
be easy for the shipment service to charge you based on the package size and weight.

Length- Mention the Length of the product, you’re about to pack. So it will
be easy for the shipment service to charge you based on the package size and weight.

Breadth- Mention the Breadth of the product, you’re about to pack. So it will
be easy for the shipment service to charge you based on the package size and weight.

Weight- Mention the Weight of the product, you’re about to pack. So it will
be easy for the shipment service to charge you based on the package size and weight.

Packing Date- In packing date, fill in the packing date for the product to be packed and shipped.

Notes- you can add additional notes here for any easy reference.

Packed Count- In packed count, fill in the field with the number of product
count to be packed on this date and delivered

Then proceed to Click Generate Packing Slip, once the packing slip
is generated you can see

Yaali Order Packing Slip


Now in shipment tab, generate shipment by clicking ” + Shipment “, a dialog box opens with
certain fields as shown below

Yaali Order Shipment Generation

Packing Slip- In packing slip, a drop menu shows the packing slip you have
created for the product, so just select the packing slip for the product you want to ship now.

Shipment ID- In shipment id, you can manually entre a shipping id for shipping
the product through the shipment carriers.

Shipment Date- In shipment date, you can choose the date to ship your product
to the customer or business.

Package Value- It’s automatically generated value which defines the amount of the product.

In ” Select the Shipment Method that package requires to be handled ” select Manual for manual product fulfilment or select the Shipment Carriers you have integrated

Carrier- In the carrier, you will be able to choose the shipment carriers based on your
interest and your customer satisfaction.

Yaali Order Shipment Carrier

Service Type – Select the service type your carriers offer for the product fulfilment

Yaali Order Shipment Service Type

Package Type – In Package Type , select the type of package you want to use for your product shipment

Yaali Order Package Type

Expected Deliver Date- In expected delivery date, you can entre the expected delivery
date of the product to be delivered to the customer.

Shipment Charge- In shipment charge, entre the shipping charge of the product,
you’re about to ship.

Tracking/AWB No. – In tracking/AWB No. , you can enter the tracking number of the
product given by the carrier for the product to be shipped or enter the manual tracking number which you generated. To be updated on the products shipping status.

Tracking URL- In tracking URL, you can fill the URL given by the shipping company or generated by you
and track your product easily.

Finally once and for all, click Generate Shipment after checking all the details filled

Yaali Shipment Fulfilment

Incase you ship the product without any carriers,  you should confirm that the product is delivered. Until then it will show as Intransit . If the product is shipped by certain carriers, Delivered tag will appear automatically once the product reaches the customer . In case of Drop Shipment the mail will be sent and the shipment processing with done automatically.

Even before confirming the delivery, you can use the setting icon to Send Mail or Return Items in case of an product return or product cancelled.

If you Click Return , the below dialog box opens

Yaali Order Return

In this dialog box, you can select the Returning Quantity and in select the returning mode . Choose an option based in how you reacted on Product Return 

Refund Type – Choose how you want to refund the money to customer

Return Date – Choose the Return Date of the Product

Reference No – Enter the Reference No, you use to identify the product

Refund Amount – Enter the Refund Amount of the product

Reason – Reason for the product return

Click Confirm Return to make the changes take effect., the below dialog box appears as soon as your product is returned

Yaali Shipment Returns

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