Steps to Improve E-commerce Selling

The Electronic commerce(E-commerce) space relies heavily on the Internet and various technologies to run many businesses.

 The Future of E-commerce continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. While brick and mortar still makes up the majority of sales, E-commerce sales are growing faster.

The National Retail Federation expects US online retail to grow 8% to 12% in 2017. This suggests E-commerce sales will fall between $427 billion and $443 billion. For comparison, brick and mortar is expected to grow at just 2.8%.

With promising numbers like these, many retailers are considering an E-commerce business. It doesn’t matter if you’re expanding your current brick and mortar business or just starting off. You should consider the advantages of E-commerce first.

In order to succeed in E-commerce, you should fulfill customer requirements.

The Customer expectations increase from time to time as the future of E-commerce grows rapidly. Customer expectations depends mainly on, where delivery times will improve, customer service will get increasingly better, and product selection will become even greater.

what should you be implementing in your own business over time to stay ahead of the curve?

Steps to improve E-commerce Selling –

                  Technology today is helping customers keep track of their purchases, and altering the ways in which those consumers interact with online retailers.

                  As technology changes business-to-consumer transactions, consumers now have access to a range of tools that help them gauge prices, find alternatives, locate stores and receive coupons.

     Mobile App –

 Yaali Mobile App

                                  Apps are now affording retailers an opportunity to connect with consumers that goes beyond the boundaries of a brick-and-mortar business.

                                 For a Customer, a mobile app comes in handy which lets them access all your product just by a single click.With an easier access to all your products, the customer growth gradually increases and product selection becomes even better.

  Push Notifications –

                                  Push notifications is a powerful marketing tool for E-commerce. If you think about it, a customer’s inbox is basically a distraction-free zone you’ve been invited into, giving you more opportunity to capture attention with highly-targeted offers than in any other digital medium out there.

                                 With push notifications, you can notify customers based on your offers, updates. So the customer gets to know all your product updates, offers, discounts etc. Which motivates them to buy their preferred product under certain offers or discounts.

Social Media –

Just a few years ago, simply having a social media presence gave a brand a significant advantage.The ability to interact with consumers directly on platforms they were already using to connect with one another was the new frontier in Customer Service.

“People don’t just go on Facebook and Twitter to connect with other people anymore; they also use it to consume news, develop tastes and even shop”

                             In E-commerce, Social Media plays a vital role in product selling and fulfilling customer needs. With social media you will be able to get into contact with customers directly, which incase refers a marketing term

   ” Know your customers more where they behave themselves”

                           By getting into contact with customers directly, it gradually increases the customer service platform of your product.Where people can get in touch with you, where they spend the most time.

‘ Adverts –

                           When people see adverts that are relevant to their interests, they’re more likely to buy from you.Plan advertising campaigns for your leads, website visitors and app users or shoppers you haven’t reached yet. With adverts, you can prompt people to purchase by showing them products based on interests they’ve expressed on your site or other places online. You can also offer promotions and encourage people to shop online.

Cross-Channel Integration –

                  Multi-Channel Marketplaces

                 Cross-channel simply means that you can seamlessly and interchangeably use various channels to promote, sell and interact with customers.Cross-channel integration has the power of remarketing the product with ads even after a customer has abandoned the purchase or website. In coming years, retailers will continuously integrate their E-commerce into cross-channels as it means tremendous growth opportunity.

                           Customers are desperate to try new E-commerce platforms each and every day. So just by selling in a single platform, won’t fulfill what customers search for. Now a days ,even social media acts as an E-commerce store where products can be sold and dropshipped.

                            Cross-Channel Integration reduces your marketing expenses and increase product visibility at a tremendous growth rate.There are certain platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc. where the products can be sold.

Supply Chain Management Software –

                           Supply chain management refers to the flow of items and services. It entails the entire process of movement of goods, raw material storage, and consumption of goods and in-process inventory from the start to the end.Supply chain management Software initiates tremendous changes in your business progress.

                           With Supply Chain Management Software you will gain a 360 degree view of Order and Inventory Management System. It defines the entire process from Order placed across all your sales channel and Order getting delivered to the customer across the globe.

                           With a reduced man power and expenses, Supply chain management software acts as a lead in Future of E-commerce platform.Which fulfills all your customer requirements with an improved delivery time, Order processing, Order tracking etc.






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