Serial Number Tracking for Individual Products

Track products with serial numbers on every transactions

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Why Individual Stocks Tracking?

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Track Your Products Anytime

Managing inventory efficiently is essential for the financial success of your business be it big or small. With Yaali's serial number tracking, each product can be tracked based on its serial number.
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Dealing with product recalls

Helps you track the products sold, damaged products, returning products etc..So all the details will be available and that makes dealing with recalls simpler.
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Addressing warranty claims

There is no compromise in missing out on inventory tracking. It saves you money while addressing inventory control needs.
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Quality assurance

Calculating your inventory turnover rate will be much simpler, and it will help in better decison making during inventory purchase.

Individual Tracking of Every Stocks

Our Centralized Inventory Management Software automates the stock update across all your integrated sales channel in real time as soon as a product is sold from one of your channels
automate inventory management across mutliple channel
Avoid overselling and automate Inventory replenishment with Yaali Inventory Management Software

Serial Numbers for Sales Orders

Receive alerts as soon as a product is sold to avoid overselling and automate inventory replenishment using our centralized inventory management software

Serial Numbers for Purchase Orders

Our Inventory Audit feature gives you a clear view of stocks where inventory management timeline helps you to review the activities of the product, from where the product is purchased and to whom it is sold
Inventory Audit feature with an improvised inventory management timeline