Advanced Order and Inventory Management Software for Omnichannel Sellers

Gain perspective view over Order and Inventory Management workflow across all your sales channel and warehouses


Implement Effective Inventory Management

Yaali provides you an effective Inventory Management Software, in which Overall inventory report gives a brief view to you about stocks updated to multichannel, stocks purchased for the inventory and stocks stored in the multiple warehouse.It also indicates the stock expiration date for ease of replacing the product before expiring.
Implement Effective Inventory  Management
Achieve accuracy in Order Management

Achieve accuracy in Order Management

Yaali gives you an accurate Order Management System, which allows you to track orders from all your sales channel accurately as soon as a order is placed in one of your sales channel.Tracking orders allows you to fulfill the customers requirements and to improve your sales.

Predominant Reports and Analytics

With Yaali Reports and Analytics, you gain 360 degree view on Order and Inventory Management insights from product purchased to product sold.With the help of Yaali Reports and Analytics you can take executive purchase decisions, you can increase profit margin and you can improve product performance across all your sales channel.
Predominant Reports and Analytics
Analytical Purchase Management

Analytical Purchase Management

Yaali Analytical Purchase Management System gives you insights for making decisive purchase decisions for better product management in both inventory stored in multiple warehouse and order placed across all your sales channels.With the help of Yaali Analytical Purchase Management System you gain access to insights related to predictive buy and product performance which are the base roots of demand forecasting purchase.

Lightning delivery with Yaali Shipment Fulfilment

Seamless Expansion of customers over international waters with Yaali Order and Inventory Management Software, now allows you to fulfill orders placed by the customer with Yaali Shipment Fulfilment System.Yaali Shipment Fulfilment System allows you to improve positive feedbacks over customer satisfaction by tracking order from the warehouse to customers doorstep.
Lightning delivery with Yaali Shipment  Fulfilment